crshd is hosted on GitHub Pages. It is written and generated locally on my MacBook, and powered by mynt, using a combination of Jinja2, Stylus, Markdown and Pygments. The uncompiled source can be found on GitHub.

Extra spice is added by a conservative sprinkling of Modernizr, Normalize.css, jQuery and Font Awesome. Pygments uses my DotShare theme, which I've originally made for

Everything is typed out in the greatest of all OSs, Escape Meta Alt Control Shift. Debugging is done with Firefox’s excellent Developer Tools (yeah, I’m still — and always will be — a Firefox guy. Go ahead and flame me for it, I don’t care), while layout checking is best left to w3m. Seriously — when your site looks great in a CLI browser, you know you’ve done a great job. All the images are processed by — well, there aren’t really any.

If your browser supports webfonts, the ones you're admiring right now are Rooney Sans, M+ 1m and Cubano Sharp. If your browser doesn't do webfonts — what the fuck are you doing?

Weapons of Massive Delusion (since 2008)

Tatooine HP DV5
CPU Intel C2D P7350 @ 2x2GHz
GPU Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT, 512MB
RAM 3GB (1x2GB + 1x1GB)
OS Lots of hopping, last one was Funtoo
Status Retired
Hoth MacBook Pro Early 2011, 13”
CPU Intel i5 @ 2x2.3GHz
GPU Intel HD3000, 384MB
RAM 10GB (1x8GB + 1x2GB)
OS OS X Mavericks 10.9.1
Status Daily Driver
Endor iPhone 3Gs white
CPU Cortex A8 @ 600MHz
OS iOS 6.1.2 (jailbroken & unlocked)
Status Retired (total write-off — cracked display assembly after 4 years)
Echnos HTC OneX gray, international
CPU Nvidia Tegra 3 AP33 @ 4x1.1GHz (UC, UV) daily, 4x1.5GHz gaming
GPU Nvidia ULP GeForce @ 416MHz daily, 520MHz (OC) gaming
OS AOSPA 4 (KitKat) Xposed
Status Retired
Croyden Huawei Honor 6 H60-L02
CPU HiSilicon Kirin 920 @ 4x1.3GHz 4x1.7GHz
GPU Mali-T628
HDD 16GB, 64GB MicroSD
OS EMUI 3.0 (KitKat) Xposed
Status Daily Driver