{ Thu, 12. Mar 2015 }

Changing Firefox Dev Edition Menubar Name

If you’re as crazy as me, you’re using Firefox Developer Edition as your main, everyday browser. There’s just something so… satisfying about using alpha-grade software. Read more »

{ Tue, 16. Dec 2014 }

DIY Nginx + ruTorrent Seedbox on Wheezy (Part 1)

Get some coffee/tea/coke/drink of choice and some snacks. This’ll take a while. We’ll be taking a barebone stock Debian system and set up a killer seedbox all from scratch, using rTorrent/libTorrent, ruTorrent and Nginx with SSL. Read more »

{ Sun, 16. Nov 2014 }

Create a Windows Install USB on OS X Yosemite

Microsoft would have you believe that you need a computer running Windows 7 or later to create a USB install disk for Windows. Unfortunately, this makes no fucking sense at all - if I’m already running Windows on my machine, what do I need an installer for? Fortunately, not everything Microsoft tells you is true. Read more »

{ Wed, 08. Oct 2014 }

{ Wed, 23. Jul 2014 }

Auto-Login to Deluge WebUI

I’m lazy. Who isn’t? So lazy in fact that I don’t feel like entering the password to Deluge’s WebUI every time I want to access it. Read more »

{ Thu, 20. Mar 2014 }

Inserting Blank Lines between HTML Tags in Atom

I’ve done this exact thing before for Emacs. This is basically a copy and paste of that post, with updated code. Read more »

{ Wed, 26. Feb 2014 }

Using the MBP's Light Sensor to Change Emacs Theme

I was thinking about a good way to switch between the light and dark versions of Solarized today. Of course I can do it manually, but that’s tedious, and I know I’ll never do it. I could make it switch based on the time of day, but that’s boring, and anybody can do that. Read more »

{ Fri, 21. Feb 2014 }

Dynamically Loading Assets in mynt

I have been thinking about this one for a while, and this evening I finally had time to test my theory. One issue in web development is loading time - We have to assume not everybody has the same incredible bandwith that we do, so we need to keep the pages we’re serving small. At the same time, we like to use fancy stuff with CSS and JS, which can cause the size of our serves to get quite out of hand. Read more »

{ Tue, 03. Dec 2013 }

Inserting Blank Lines between HTML Tags in Emacs

I code HTML in Emacs, and Emmet makes it a breeze. Although, there was one thing that bugged me. When I expand div, Emmet gives me Read more »

{ Thu, 28. Nov 2013 }

Introducing Emacs Fetch

Let’s say you like to use fancy JS frameworks, like jQuery. A lot. Now, what do you do? You could go and download a fresh copy every time you need to use it, but that’s so tedious. Or, you could save a copy somewhere in a convenient location on your harddrive, and get it from there. But then you’d still have to go and grab the latest every time, or settle for using an older, out-of-date version. Read more »

{ Thu, 05. Sep 2013 }

How I Git my Dotfiles

Dotfiles are every developer’s and geek’s pride and joy. Hours of work have been spent on them, and most important of all, they are constantly evolving. If you are like me, hardly a day goes by where you don’t add a cool new piece of functionality that you just came up with, or found by looking through somebody else’s configs. Read more »

{ Thu, 20. Sep 2012 }

Using SSH Keys instead of Passwords

SSH keys are used to identify yourself to an SSH server, much like using a password. There’s a couple of advantages in using SSH keys instead of typing in your password everytime you connect to a server: Read more »