Changing Firefox Dev Edition Menubar Name

Thu, 12. Mar 2015 – Firefox , OS X

If you’re as crazy as me, you’re using Firefox Developer Edition as your main, everyday browser. There’s just something so… satisfying about using alpha-grade software.

Create a Windows Install USB on OS X Yosemite

Sun, 16. Nov 2014 – OS X , Windows

Microsoft would have you believe that you need a computer running Windows 7 or later to create a USB install disk for Windows. Unfortunately, this makes no fucking sense at all - if I’m already running Windows on my machine, what do I need an installer for? Fortunately, not everything Microsoft tells you is true.

Using the MBP's Light Sensor to Change Emacs Theme

Wed, 26. Feb 2014 – Emacs , OS X

I was thinking about a good way to switch between the light and dark versions of Solarized today. Of course I can do it manually, but that’s tedious, and I know I’ll never do it. I could make it switch based on the time of day, but that’s boring, and anybody can do that.